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SOPREMA WATERPROOFING SYSTEMS: Protecting the Building Envelope

Below Grade Foundation Walls

SOPREMA offers several solutions for below grade foundation wall waterproofing. Depending on your preferred method of application, the following products are available:

Rubberized Asphalt: 
COLPHENE H: A seamless watertight solution featuring durability and flexibility derived from a specially selected blend of refined asphalts, recycled crumb rubber and mineral stabilizers.  This composite cures to form a seamless, permanent elastomeric membrane.   

Modified Bitumen:

SOPRALENE FLAM 180: Heat applied waterproofing solution
For vertical wall applications, SOPREMA offers a two-ply solution featuring Sopralene 180 Flam/Sopralene 180 Flam GR.  The Sopralene membrane is specifically designed to combat water penetration utilizing a torch on product that is durable, reliable and consistent in millage.  

Self Adhered:

COLPHENE 3000: Seals foundations, below-grade walls, plaza decks and other concrete substrates against water penetration with a high quality, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane composed of SBS modified bitumen and a tri-laminated woven polythylene .  COLPHENE 3000 offers consistent thickness, superior flexibility and puncture resistance with high tensile strength.

Blind-Side Waterproofing:
COLPHENE BSW (F) is a fully reinforced SBS modified bitumen membrane specially designed for blind-side waterproofing applications, mud slabs and work slabs.  In additiuon, it can be used with construction methods such as lagging or shotcrete retention walls.  It is composed of a select blend of SBS modified bitumen applied onto a non-woven polyester reinforcement. 


Below Grade Categories

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LSWP5 COLPHENE 3000 Sell Sheet (pdf)     LSWP5Colphene3000Flyer.jpg
LSWP6 COLPHENE BSW F Sell Sheet (pdf)     LSWP6ColpheneBSW_F.jpg
LSSP2 COLPHENE ICF Sell Sheet (pdf)     LSSP2ColpheneICFFlyer.jpg
LSWP7 SOPRADRAIN Sell Sheet (pdf)     LSWP7Sopradrain.jpg
LSWP-08 Waterproofing Guide Spec: 2 Ply SBS Torch (pdf)     (doc)
LSWP-04 Waterproofing Guide Spec: COLPHENE 3000 (pdf)     (doc)
LSWP-03 Waterproofing Guide Spec: COLPHENE BSW (F) (pdf)     (doc)
LSWP-01 Waterproofing Guide Spec: COLPHENE H (pdf)     (doc)
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